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About physiotherapy service package

Physiotherapy service package is common not only in Singapore but also in Australia and the UK. It offers a lower price and with more accessible payment procedures, so it is usually more convenient for clients. Although few of our clients have asked for service package, we don’t intend to imply it at Family Care Clinic for several reasons.

The progress of physiotherapy service is usually unpredictable. Some patients recover faster or slower than expected, we don’t want the service package to limit the flexibility of your rehabilitation. From previous experience, some patients recovered sooner than expected, leftover the unused package sessions and forgot to claim, we don’t prefer that. Service package requires to pay upfront, some insurance companies require to proceed with the claim only after completion of the service package. For those patients, cash flow is restricted indeed.

Due to the above reasons, our clinic prefers not to imply service package as pay by consultation is a fair and transparent way. Sorry for the inconvenience but we believe that our rate is reasonable and patients choose our service is because of the quality and standard rather than a lower price.

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