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Practical training on muscles inactivation management (For physiotherapy professionals)

Muscles inactivation is one of the possible consequences of chronic pain. Due to muscles inactivation, patients with chronic pain usually develop other overuse syndrome and have difficulty returning to full functions.

This practical training will provide the mechanism of muscles inactivations, research evidence, clinical assessment skills and physiotherapy management.

Date and Time: 22 April, 2022; 7-9pm. Venue: Family Care Physiotherapy Clinic (Blk 612, Clementi West Street 1 #01-290, Singapore 120612) Instructor: Christopher Lo, Principal Physiotherapist Fee: SGD 30 Capacity: 6 * This course is only available to physiotherapists with full or conditional registration. Training notes will be provided.

Registration: Email: or Whatsapp to 98405033 Please provide your name and contact number.

COVID-19 safety measurements Participants need to inform us the day before if they have 1. fever 2. signs of respiratory symptoms 3. close contact with patients or active cluster of COVID-19 Masks are on throughout the session.

Refund Refund will only be made if the organization is unable to provide the training on that date.

The updates of COVID-19 measures from 29 March 2022: SOCIAL GATHERINGS • Group sizes of up to 10 persons. SAFE DISTANCING • Only required between groups or individuals in mask-off settings.

WORKPLACES • 75% of workforce who can work from home may return to the workplace. • Vaccination required. • Social gatherings of up to 10 persons allowed.

IN-PERSON TUITION & ENRICHMENT CLASSES • Up to 50 persons per class, in groups of up to 10 persons.

EXERCISE CLASSES • Group sizes of up to 10 persons.

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