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Services updates according to the latest COVID-19 measures

Regarding the latest update on the COVID-19 measures 27 April, our clinic will have the following updates in our service.

COVID-19 measures Trace Together check-in is no longer required. Temperature checking is optional but encouraged. We understand it is not required but fever has been a contraindication for physiotherapy services long before COVID-19. It is for clients’ benefit too. Mask on inside the clinic is still mandatory according to the MOH.

Safe distancing Although safe distancing may not be required with masks on, our clinic service remains the same one-to-one individual service by appointment. Disinfection remains the same in-between each consultation. Therefore, our overall service model remains unchanged.

Opening hour When more employees are required to return to the office, more clients may prefer non-office hours for physiotherapy services. Our clinic opens on Monday and Thursday evenings up to 9 pm and Sat 9am-6pm. Hope it can accommodate our clients’ work schedules.

Professional Training On top of clinical consultation, our clinic has started providing professional training for healthcare professionals in small groups. Also, we will try to provide more public health education services for individuals with chronic diseases.

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