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Trigger points release training course


rigger points release is a soft tissue treatment technique widely prescribed by various healthcare professionals including physiotherapists, massage therapists etc. Although the research evidence for this treatment technique is not fully established, its clinical effect has been well recognized as soft tissue instant relaxation and tension reduction. The principle of this treatment technique is straightforward, how to prescribe the treatment safely and effectively is the key.

This practical training will provide basic theory and principles of trigger point release therapy including indications, contraindications, identification of different types and stages of soft tissue injury, systematic approach to locate the trigger points and different application techniques.

Date and Time: 29 May, 2022 (Sun); 1:30pm -5:30pm

Venue: Family Care Physiotherapy Clinic (Blk 612, Clementi West Street 1 #01-290, Singapore 120612)

Instructor: Christopher Lo, Principal Physiotherapist

Fee: SGD 100 (SGD 80 for registered physiotherapists and students)

Capacity: 6

* This course is available for physiotherapists (and students), massage therapists, athletes and fitness professionals. Training notes will be provided.

Remarks: Participants are expected to have practice with each other, individuals with significant circulatory problems should inform the organization before the enrolment. Participants need to follow all the safety measures during the class.


Email: or Whatsapp to 98405033

Please provide your name, contact number and email.

COVID-19 safety measurements

Participants need to inform us the day before if they have

1. fever

2. signs of respiratory symptoms

Masks are on throughout the session.


Refund will only be made if the organization is unable to provide the training on that date.

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