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Volunteer Teleconsult for patients in Home Recovery Programme

Knowing that because of the COVID-19 home recovery programme and more quarantine order, the manpower of telemedicine providers are being stretched. As a Singapore healthcare team member, Family Care Physiotherapy Clinic also wishes to contribute our effort.

We decide to provide volunteer physiotherapy teleconsultation for people in Singapore who are in Home Recovery period and suffer from active back pain, knee pain or heel pain. The details of the service are as follow:

1. To be eligible, you need to be a resident in Singapore and currently serving Home Recovery order. 2. You have active back pain, knee pain or heel pain affecting your daily life or sleep. 3. Contact our clinic through WhatsApp or Facebook message, mention that you are in the home recovery period and tell us about your pain. We decide if the problem is under our scope of practice 4. If applicable, we will give you professional advice on how to manage the pain or exercise prescription. 5. If indicated, we can arrange video consultation to have more detailed assessment.

The above service is voluntary based, free of charge. However, please understand that we can only provide this service out of our clinic operation period or free time, we may not respond to your messages instantly. The service period is from today 1 Oct to 17 Oct 2021, then we will decide if any extension is necessary.

Please feel free to send us an inquiry if you or your family need this service.

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