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We would like to summarize some common notes we often use for patients who are new to physiotherapy:


1. Most of the pain comes with a reason, besides injury, recent increase in exercise intensity, start a new sport, change in working and living environment are common causes for overuse pain. If you can recall any particular event and tell the therapist, it is easier to tackle the root of the problem.

2. Physiotherapy is to relieve your pain. However, if the injury is very new, during the assessment the physiotherapist has to press (palpate) to find out the exact injured site. Therefore, it is not preferred but expected to have increase pain after the initial assessment.

3. The physiotherapist provides treatment for patients usually 1-2 hours per week, the rest of the time relies on patients self-management. Therefore, we prefer to spend more time on education for self-management. Correct or wrong self-management makes a significant difference in recovery.

4. The home-exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist are expected to be pain-free unless specifically mentioned. If any pain, or discomfort during the home-exercise, rather don't do and check with the physiotherapist.

5. Any assessment or treatment procedures if too painful and uncomfortable, you can inform us not to perform, we always have alternatives.

6. If anything uncertain about exercise or self-management, don't need to wait for the consultation time to ask, text or call our clinic.**

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