Specific Physiotherapy for Chronic Conditions

Congenital conditions and chronic diseases can be worse than trauma and injury, some may not be able to recover fully and long-term care may be required. Family Care Physiotherapy now provides standardized specific physiotherapy services for chronic conditions which fulfil the inclusion criteria.

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Indication: Difficulty in walking after 12 months old or difficulty in climbing stairs after 2 years old


Age between 12 months and 3 years old

Medically stable

With or without specific medical diagnosis

Carers are able to help with the home treatment

Treatment to be provided: Gross motor facilitation training and home exercise

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Indication: Joint pain and stiffness


Confirm diagnosis by a rheumatologist

Conditions stable without severe pain or inflammatory signs

Independent in mobility

Treatment to be provided: Specific nerve mobilization treatments for joints stiffness and pain


Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. The fee for above specific physiotherapy service is SGD 80 per session.

  2. Each session is about 30 mins, 1-to-1 treatment.

  3. Appointments are only available on Fridays. Please inform us that you are booking the specific physiotherapy service for chronic conditions.

  4. Patients may participate in related research or training activities based on their willingness.